Text readability - what is it?...

Text readability - what is it?...

What is it, and what has it got to do with SEO?

SEO is a mystery in many people's minds. Certainly, it is quite a complex issue. Fortunately, more and more business owners take the time and effort to understand at least the basics of this "unavoidable force". Text readability is one of the basic topics, and it is relatively easy to get your head around.

The world wide web is full of content. Your website is one of them. When you are creating the content for your website, you certainly want your visitors to read it, like it and act in a certain way that is profitable for you as a business owner. Undoubtedly, you make great efforts to get your message across. You pay attention to details like spelling, grammar, etc. But that's not enough. The structure of your content is equally important. Will a potential website visitor find your content easy to understand? Are you using long, convoluted sentences and very complex structures that are difficult to follow?

Text readability is essential for Google. If Google has to decide between a piece of writing that is easy for the robots to understand and another overcomplicated one, the brownie points are more likely to go to the first one.

With our Text readability test you can easily check your content in this respect.

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