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SEO training and coaching

Search Engine Optimisation can be confusing. We will give you the knowledge to enable you to make the best decisions when it comes to SEO.

Our SEO training and coaching is designed for your specific business needs.

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Interactive SEO training and coaching for businesses

Our interactive SEO training and coaching is an informal mixture of training, consultation and discussion. The content of our training is not ready-made learning material. It is not set in stone. It is always designed around your specific needs.

This is a unique SEO training for small businesses to easily understand how SEO works and what they can do to improve their SEO positions.

Aim of SEO training and coaching sessions

The main aim is to show you how to achieve the most in SEO on your own.

  • The training will dispel all fears and myths.
  • You will learn to use common sense instead of a technical approach for your SEO.
  • You won't be intimidated by SEO terms anymore because you will understand the main SEO principles.
  • You will embrace the key 'SEO mindset' and view all website changes through this lens.

Our interactive SEO training covers the following topics:

Session 1
You will learn and understand

  • How SEO and Google works in general.
  • Different areas of SEO.
  • SEO terminology
    - you will realise that there is nothing to be scared of.

Session 2
You will understand the importance of

  • Your website content and structure.
  • Empathy and human approach.
  • Knowing your website visitors' behaviour.
  • Image optimisation.

Session 3
You will learn about

  • SEO misconceptions and things to avoid
  • Why statistics are not as boring as you might have thought
  • Link building
  • Image management
  • How to use meta tags

Session 4
The last session will be about the following:

  • You will learn about some technical bits
  • You will be more familiar with some free SEO tools
  • You will build your SEO Action Plan

What you get

Approximately eight hours of interactive online (Zoom) training for up to four people coming from the same business or organisation.
Because of the nature of this tailored training, slight deviations from the eight hours plan may occur.

Recommended timing:
Four 2-hour sessions (10-minute break incl.). These sessions are designed for your business only.


For one person: £690
Additional participants:
(up to four people altogether)
+ £40 per person

* * *

Recommended timing

The best timing for the training is two consecutive days, from 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm, both days. It is advisable to hold the sessions on consecutive days, as it is much easier to learn the topics that build on each other.

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During the training, you will get a certain amount of general knowledge. However, we will mainly focus on your website. If you came from different companies, a large chunk of the training would simply not work.

During the training, many questions are raised by the participants. Most questions have logical explanations, so we will find the answers together based on what we have learned. This is a much more effective way of adapting knowledge, but it takes more time than traditional, lecture-style courses. This is why we have maximised the number of participants. If you would like to come with more colleagues, please let's have a quick chat.

As Google say: "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google."
Because your work is an essential key factor to your success, no one can guarantee your Google position. Please bear in mind that implementing the required SEO changes takes time and needs effort. If your business has a lot of competitors, you will have to work harder to succeed. During the training, you will understand why it is like that.

Certainly, we need to mention some technical stuff, but not much. We know most people are not familiar with it. Since our primary goal is to help you strengthen your own SEO positions, we will just mention those technical areas that require expertise. The aim is to enable you to decide when you really need to have a specialist who can help you in the technical areas. The amount of technical details will also depend on your abilities and needs. If you feel it might be too much, we can skip it, but at least you have heard about it and realised that this is something you need help with.

It depends. There are websites which cannot be optimised, e.g. doorway pages, link farms or websites which were built with the intention to manipulate Google, let alone websites with illegal content. If this is the case, I need to refuse to deliver training, I'm afraid. However, ambitious businesses who give real value to their customers are more than welcome.

Get in touch to discuss the details:

What happens before the training?

We always need to gather some SEO-related information about your business.

Certainly, we can find most of the required information on your website.

However, there might be situations when we ask you to have a free, 30-minute discussion approximately a week before the training.

This conversation helps us understand your plans and your business goals.

We will design your tailored SEO training and coaching sessions based on this information.

What happens during the training?

As already mentioned, this is not an SEO course where we deliver the same learning material to each client.

Firstly, you will learn the main principles of SEO.

Conversation and discussion are a vital part of all sessions. Once you have the basics, we build the next step on that knowledge. We work together to identify which areas of SEO are the most challenging for your business. Thinking together is essential because that is the only way for you to learn how 'SEO thinking' works.

What happens after the training?

As with all learning, what makes this SEO training useful is putting into practice what you learn.

We believe having a follow-up consultation about three months after the training is worthwhile. At this consultation, we will discuss how far you have been able to utilise what you have learned.

One thing is for sure: There are always many questions after the training. This is where consultation helps.

The cost of a 60-minute follow-up consultation is £75.