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Design that works because it’s design that thinks, and does

At Addmonte, we’re not interested in fashions or the superficial junk that permeates the internet with sites that are about as original as a dead fish. Why?

Because as the late, great Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

As you know, that’s a critical consideration for any kind of design whether it’s for a 100-floor skyscraper or a new can opener.

When it comes to your website, your design not only has to look amazing; it also has to work.

We develop design concepts that are based on what makes a business-winning difference to your clients and prospects: we show that vital “what’s in it for them.”

We make sure, too, that design leads viewers through from the landing page all the way through your “sales funnel” to a call to action that drives high-quality enquiries.

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Our website designs

  • are mobile responsive
  • are optimised for speed
  • use bespoke imagery
  • comply with the latest technologies and requirements.

Things worth knowing about web design

Design is not just about how your website looks - the latest trends and technology are also important. While we're planning a website we keep in mind all the technical capabilities, requirements and options of modern internet technology. 10 years ago a web designer was a 'graphic designer' who created drawings and images for building the layout of a new website. Now a web designer must be a technically well-qualified person with excellent design skills and awareness. We are both. It's not well known that even the size and resolution of the images used on your website will affect your search results. Google scrutinises the speed of websites. Any website can be attractive, but if it doesn't comply with Google’s requirements, you won't reach your desired page one position, even if your content seems to deserve it. A professional web designer must be an expert in the technical details and the wide range of possible technical options. Even if the result looks the same, by using different solutions, you can achieve much better results.

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The importance of the proper images

Everyone wants an effective website. Since images have an extremely strong effect on us (think of ‘an image tells a thousand words’),it goes without saying that we should concentrate on this topic as well.

However, there are pitfalls in terms of images

The cheapest solution for finding images is - and let's be honest, the price is an important factor - using stock photo websites where you can find a huge number of images in the widest range of styles. Trends have a strong effect on web designers - and on clients too.

Although this is the cheapest solution, be careful. The images you've bought can be seen on your competitors' websites as well. So, at least ask your web designer to make a little tweak or twist in your chosen imagery.

Don't be like the lady who thinks that the hat she bought in the boutique around the corner has been designed exclusively for her...

How Not to use stock images?...

Well... it's worth taking your time and thinking about the best solution for you. Having your own photo collection is the best way, of course. Obviously it costs a bit more, but it is really worth having.

The next question is: How much will it cost to create a bespoke image collection? The answer isn't simple, because it depends on the number of images and the level of difficulty. As a guideline, to retouch and transform an average stock photo takes one to two hours. If you need a bespoke brand image, that isn't a huge price.

Let's see a couple of examples of the most frequently used photo styles... We always try to avoid these.

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icon set

Icons are useful when you need additional
but simple help for navigation

Using icon sets

On many websites you can see the same or similar icons and symbols. Using these symbols is not recommended when you want to represent your unique product or service. However, when you need simple and effective help with navigation, they can serve really well. It can be beneficial that they are well known by everyone, so the information can be delivered quickly and accurately. Another advantage is that these icon sets (technically) are not images, so their loading time is really fast and they don't adversely affect your website's speed.