Website development

Thinking through and building the right foundations

Although you’ll find that many website providers make a huge feature out of their top-notch programming capabilities, we look upon our own merely as building blocks.

What matters to us, and to you, is not the fact that we have a stack of those building blocks sitting in our offices waiting to be used.

What matters is that we know how to use them to build a website that is going to work for you.

Without fuss, bother, or complications. Reliably, consistently, effectively.

The website we devise for you will be dynamic. And it will be flexible.

After all, your business is a developing, evolving force; your website needs the capability to develop and evolve alongside. Dynamically, with Addmonte.

Find out how our website thinking that works, will work for you and your business. Get in touch now and arrange to call by for a no-obligation exploratory talk.

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Special offer for new businesses

If your company is less than six months old, we have a really special offer for you

How do we work?

Professional web developers have many different ways to achieve a certain goal. However, if you don't choose the right way in the beginning, there can be problems afterwards when further developments are needed. Even if you made the right decision at the start for your initial requirement, if your website’s potential is restricted, you will find yourself at a dead-end as far as the future is concerned.

Our leading principle is to choose the most flexible solution that will be open to many development directions in the future, even if your immediate needs are basic. With many years of experience we always start the web development process with detailed discussions. That’s how we to get to know your business in order to find the best approach for now and the future.

A fresh approach to website building

Our process of building a website isn’t how most people expect it to be. The 'traditional' approach is the following: Creating a nice design, writing the content, uploading it, adding extra functions if needed – and if it's possible. This will give clients a nice but mostly 'rigid' website that is not able to change with the business it was built for. We follow a different, more effective process...

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new approach to website development

Other website development methods:

Website development based on free CMS

Like everything, free content management systems (CMS) also have their advantages and disadvantages. You can get nice websites fast and easily but, if you don't plan in advance, you might find yourself at a dead-end when you are ready for further developments. Security issues are of the utmost importance, since these systems (such as WordPress) are very vulnerable unless maintained properly and regularly.

Wordpress website building

Online website builder solutions
(such as Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and Strikingly)

These systems are relatively easy to use even without prior knowledge. Even the owner of the business is able to create his or her own website with the help of these systems. As a result you get a nice website for a very modest price in the beginning, but you could face rigid boundaries very soon.

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