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Professional web development in Derby

We are a professional web development company, specialised in bespoke websites.
We offer custom front-end and back-end systems to SMEs.

What do you, as business owner, have to know about web development?

Well, not much - technically. However, there are a few crucial points.

When planning a website, always ask yourself:

What do you want to get from your website on a short-term basis?

  • Do you need a simple brochure website?
  • Would like to show all your services/products, or just to make a good impression on your potential clients?
  • What role should your website play in your business initially?

What are you plans regarding your website on a long-term basis?

  • Would you like to build a customer database?
  • Will you sell or manage services or products online?
  • Would you like your website to play a more important role for your business in the future?
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Why are these questions important?

It may seem that these questions refer to web design rather than web development - but it’s not the case. Many people think that web design, web development, SEO, copywriting, content structure, responsive technology and website speed are separate issues.

In fact, they all go hand in hand and each has an impact on the others.

Your business is a developing, evolving force and your website needs the ability to develop and evolve alongside it. That’s why basics are vital.

Find out how our ‘comprehensive approach’ will work for your business.

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How we work

Our main principle:
Deciding on and building the right foundations.

Many web developers make a big feature of their top-notch programming capabilities; we look upon ours as building blocks.

What matters to us, and to you, is not the fact that we have a stack of those building blocks sitting in our offices waiting to be used.

What matters is that we know how to use them to build a website that is going to work for you. Without fuss, bother, or complications. Reliably, consistently, effectively.

The website we create for you will be dynamic. And it will be flexible.

What may happen if basics are not thought through?

Web developers have many different ways to resolve a task. However, if you don't choose the right way at the beginning, there can be problems later on.

You could find yourself at a dead-end quite soon, which could be expensive.

That’s why we need to find out as much about your business as possible. why we need to ask as many details about your business as possible.

Our primary concern is to choose the most flexible solution that leaves open as many future development opportunities as possible, even if your immediate needs are basic.

To do this, we always start the web development process with detailed discussions so that we can choose the best way forward.

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