Brochure website - Basic explanation of brochure websites

Brochure websites

What is a brochure website?

The name 'brochure website' is not an exact definition. There is no restriction in terms of either technology or volume.

It's like a detailed, appealing business card or simple "brochure" online. It reinforces the image you convey about yourself and your services.

'Brochure website' expression shows the website's size, and, even more important, it shows what role this small website has in the business.

What is the role of a brochure website?

They have exactly the same role as printed brochures have:

Showing the products or services in a very simple but attractive form. A brochure website should be clear-cut and easily manageable. The structure should be simple and clear.

Size of a brochure website

A typical brochure website has no more than 8-10 pages. It doesn't mean that it can't be more technically - of course, it can because there are no limitations.

Some experts say a brochure website could have 40-50 pages, e-commerce, blogs, and news.

However, we disagree with these opinions. This is because the name 'brochure website' reflects its role and potential. When a website has e-commerce, blogs, news, dynamic user interaction, etc., it's not the proper way to call it a 'brochure'. With these functions, we might call it a small business website.

The truth is that it doesn't matter what we call it. But what is important when we say 'brochure website' is to define its role in the business. By doing this, we will know what can be expected from having it.

Who needs a brochure website?

Brochure websites are ideal for small and/or newly established businesses. Typically one-man-band companies, when the business rests on you, e.g. coach, psychologist, therapist, etc., need a brochure website.

Small businesses with a lower number of services could also have it.

Features of a brochure website

  • Simple.
  • Clear-cut.
  • No complex user interaction.
  • The number of services or products is relatively limited.

Content of a brochure website

A small website should contain at least the following content:

  • About you and your business.
  • Brief description of services or products.
  • Contact page, Info about opening hours, venue(s).
  • Besides the content, having a few unique (!) images of good quality is a must.
  • Video when appropriate.

However simple a brochure website is, don't forget the following:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Data Protection Policy pages
  • "Cookies warning"
  • Company details


It can have a one-page layout or can be a multiple-page website.

  • One-page layout: You can read the entire website content without clicking by scrolling up and down the page. You can see menu items at the top, however, when you click them, it just triggers the scrolling action, but you remain on the same page. The amount of content should be limited to keep it easy to read.
  • Multi-page website: When you click a menu item on a multi-page website, you see a new page after each click.

A one-page or multi-page website is a design issue rather than a technical one. If you have more content, a multi-page website is the better choice.

What you can expect from a brochure website

  • Nice web design.
  • Responsive technology.
  • Being fast on each device (both on mobile and laptop).
  • Engaging imagery and content.
  • Good conversion rate.

What you can't expect from a brochure website

You can't expect your small brochure site to achieve a good Google position.

Very rarely, you may achieve a good search engine position without considerable effort when your business offers a rare service or product with few competitors. However, for a successful SEO, many things are considered by Google.

If you'd like to optimise your small website to achieve a better position in search engines, it's worth reading about SEO.

Benefits of a brochure website

Low costs: You could have a simple brochure website for between £800-£1500. We all know that there are brochure websites available for £300. However, we strongly believe that with a responsible approach, a good brochure website can't be built for under £800

Quick delivery time: In theory, a brochure website can be built in a few working days. If you need something quickly, a brochure website is ideal.

Drawbacks of a brochure website

Given that the name is just a very flexible definition of an average small website, there are no real drawbacks. However, because of its relatively small size, the chance of achieving a good position in search engines is relatively low. For this reason, it's advisable to have a solid social media presence where your website works as a landing page. Having a proper Facebook and/or Linkedin profile is also essential.

Can a brochure website be developed further in the future?

If the website is built on the right foundations, a brochure website can be developed further, regardless of its original size. If the budget allows having a small brochure website only at the beginning, it's still important to know what the future needs will be. A well-built brochure website can have any new functionality: e-commerce, CRM functions, automation, bespoke functions - anything the business process needs.

Is it worth building a second brochure website if my business already has a website?

It depends on many issues.

If your new product or service doesn't fit the existing business profile, it's recommended to have a new website for your business' recent 'side shoot'.

Sometimes the only reason for having a second (brochure) website is that the main website doesn't do well. In that case, it's better to investigate why the main website doesn't convert as many clients as it should.

However small a brochure website is, it should be appealing and well made.

A good website is like an iceberg: Most of its knowledge and value is below the surface.