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Web development
Terms and Conditions


At our core, we believe every business is unique, and we thrive on bringing this uniqueness to life through custom functionalities and developments. We don't just build websites; we create comprehensive systems that encompass public-facing websites and backend functionalities designed to enhance sales processes, e-commerce, customer data management, and business operations.

We understand that our clients are experts in their fields, but when it comes to web and system development, it's our turn to lead. Requests based on limited knowledge in these areas might not always lead to the desired outcomes, not through any fault of our clients but due to the specialised nature of our work.

Ensuring success

To ensure success, we engage in an in-depth understanding of your business, tailor the content and communication strategies accordingly, and propose well-thought-through solutions. We provide professional solutions, custom features and designs, and professional hosting, tailored to your specific needs.

Client responsibilities and cooperation

Your involvement is critical. This encompasses:

  • Cooperation: Your thoughtful consideration of content, willingness to learn the systems we develop, and timely responses to our queries are vital. Your active participation shapes the project's success.
  • Prompt responses: To maintain momentum and adhere to the project timeline, we rely on your quick and meaningful feedback to our inquiries. A response or acknowledgment within two working days is essential.
  • Openness to learning: The tools and systems we create are bespoke, necessitating a learning curve. While we offer comprehensive training, extra support might incur additional costs.
  • Acceptance or discussion of our advice: Our recommendations are made with your best interest in mind, backed by years of expertise. We encourage open discussions to ensure you understand the rationale behind our advice.
  • Commitment to the process: Detailed discussions and decision-making throughout the project are crucial for refining your vision into the final product. We need your input and dedication to the process.

Clear communication and information submission

We value clear and effective communication to ensure the success of your project. Please ensure all information and requests are well-thought-through and clearly articulated. Before submitting, we kindly ask that you review your communications, as this helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that we can proceed efficiently and effectively. Thoughtful preparation and review of the information you provide are crucial for us to fully understand and meet your project's needs.

Client Responsibilities for Content Submission

Efficient content management is crucial for the timely and cost-effective completion of your project. To streamline our workflow and reduce excessive communication, we have set forth the following guidelines for content submission:

  • Consolidated Submissions: We require that all content, including text, images, and other information, be sent in a well-organised manner. Instead of multiple emails, please consolidate your materials into as few batches as possible. This significantly reduces the time spent sorting and integrating content into your project.
  • Structured Delivery: To avoid the dispersal of content across numerous emails, which can lead to a disorganised process, we request that all content for predetermined pages be sent together. This helps us maintain focus and efficiency in executing your vision.
  • Limit on Revisions: While we understand the need for revisions, to keep the project on track and within scope, we allow a maximum of three revisions per delivered content batch. These revisions should focus on minor edits and clarifications rather than complete overhauls of the submitted materials.

Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is vital for a smooth and successful project completion. We appreciate your commitment to organising your content submissions as it helps us serve you better and faster.

Consequences of delays

If project timelines are affected due to delays in response or content submission from the client, the client agrees to accept an invoice for the work completed up to that point. This ensures that the resources allocated to the project are acknowledged and compensated fairly.

What we discourage

  • Insisting on a solution against our advice: Our expertise guides us in recommending the best solutions. Ignoring our advice could lead to issues such as compatibility problems, security vulnerabilities, or future scalability concerns.
  • "I want to edit everything myself": Web editing requires expertise. We can develop dedicated functionalities for content editing to ensure your website remains functional and error-free.
  • DIY solutions: The professional skills required for web development mean that acting without our advice can lead to unexpected costs or low-quality results.

Our goal is to make your digital presence as impactful and efficient as possible. Adhering to these terms and conditions sets the stage for a successful partnership, ensuring your business not only stands out online but thrives.

Please take note of the following:

All systems and websites periodically require updates. The regularity of these updates depends on several factors.

Updates may be necessary in the following scenarios:

  • Before the development of new features:
    Particularly if integrating new features in the existing system would entail significantly more effort;
  • If the system utilises services from third-party providers:
    Changes at these providers may necessitate adjustments to your own system to ensure it remains functional;
  • The overall condition of the system:
    If a system has been operating for several years without fundamental updates, it might be time for a comprehensive system overhaul.

What are the consequences of not updating a website or system as frequently as recommended?

  • The vulnerability of the system increases. Although this is not a significant issue for bespoke systems we build, a complete update is advisable every three years.
  • Over time, content updates, the introduction of new features, and minor adjustments can become economically inefficient. Typically, updating a system means that new features can be developed more quickly than in an outdated system.
  • Errors may emerge in the existing system or website. This is because servers continuously undergo updates in the background, and some solutions may become obsolete or phased out for security reasons. After several years, these factors can lead to compatibility issues. This is a natural outcome of the ever-evolving IT landscape. The errors that arise from these processes are not flaws in our system, but rather the result of ongoing IT developments.

Malfunctions, system errors

There are instances when a system may malfunction. This could be due to an inherent bug that was initially overlooked or due to the scenarios mentioned earlier.

We would like to outline that if we need to address an issue not caused by our own error, but rather due to any update stemming from external factors that, if unaddressed, would impair the system’s proper functioning, we will charge a fee based on an hourly rate. The specific hourly rate will be determined by our individual agreement with the client.

We will, of course, rectify any software faults or bugs that occur due to our errors during development free of charge.

Last updated: 18 April 2024