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Website price calculator

for small business websites

General principles:

We calculate the price of creating a small business website based on the above factors. Required time-frame, complexity of the structure, nature of the needs and requests, quantity of the content, and level of uniqueness of the requested design and graphics all play a part.

We keep our prices realistic and charge for the work done - no overpricing, of course.

As a matter of fact, no two websites are the same, so creating two websites is never exactly the same. Although our calculator is reliable in giving a rough estimation, the price for seemingly similar websites can differ slightly in some cases. Sometimes images provided by the customer - which he or she insists on having - are not fit for purpose. E.g., clients want to have portrait images for landscape positions quite often. If much photo manipulation is needed (retouching, creating montages),  the process is inevitably more time-consuming than in the case of easy-to-use images. A longer process has to show in the final price. It’s not a huge price difference, but it’s good to know that a bit of flexibility in your vision can help you remain within budget.

We work with utmost care and precision in all of our projects. There are tasks, however which require thoroughness beyond that level. For some business-critical solutions, there is absolutely no room for error, and only a long testing process can warrant for that. We are absolutely happy to carry out tasks requiring much coding and even more testing as well (e.g. implement complicated calculating functions, build complex database connections, etc.),but issues with such complexities are priced depending on the nature of the very task and cannot be calculated with the above method. Our price calculator is suitable for calculation for typical small business websites only. If you have a more complex project in mind, please get in touch for a quote.

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