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Brochure websites

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What you need to know about brochure websites:

  • What is a brochure website?
  • Brochure website cost
  • What’s the role of a brochure website?
  • The volume of a brochure website
  • What is it for? Who needs one?
  • Most important attributes
  • What should a brochure website contain at least?
  • What you can expect from a brochure website
  • What you can’t expect from it
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Can it be developed further in the future?

What is a brochure website?

The name ‘brochure website’ isn’t an exact definition. There’s no restriction in terms of either technology or volume. However, just like in the case of printed brochures, the number of products or services presented is not more than 8-10, typically.

It’s like a detailed, appealing business card or simple “brochure”, online. It reinforces the image you convey about yourself and your services at a personal encounter.

‘Brochure website’ expression shows the size of the website. Which is even more important, it shows what role this small website has in the business.

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What is the cost of a brochure website?

In theory, there are no complicated functions on a brochure website. However, the web design may contain details that require more development time than average.

The cost of a brochure website is between £1500 and £6000.

Why is the price range so wide?

The price of a brochure website does not depend on how complex the website looks. Even a seemingly simple visual element can take a lot of work to create.

If the website is simple, but, e.g. a custom feature needs to be created or a third-party application needs to be integrated, although the website is simple for the website visitor to use, it can still take up to 20-50 hours to integrate an API or create a bespoke function.

It isn't spectacular either but requires a lot of work to comply with the right technical SEO principles. This does not mean that your brochure website will achieve good rankings immediately. But it is definitely necessary to do this to achieve good search rankings in the future.

What’s the role of a brochure website?

They have the same role as printed brochures have:

Showing the products or services in a simple but attractive form. A brochure website should be clear-cut, easily manageable. The structure should be simple and clear.

The volume of a brochure website

We believe that it shouldn’t be more than 8-10 pages. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be more technically - of course, it can. ‘Brochure website’ isn’t an ‘official’ definition; as such, there are no limitations.

Some experts say that a brochure website could have 40-50 pages or even more, as well as e-commerce, blogs, news. However, we disagree with these opinions. The reason for this is that the name ‘brochure website’ reflects its role and potential.

We mean, when a website has e-commerce, blogs, news, dynamic user interaction, etc., it’s just not the proper way to call it a ‘brochure’. With these functions, we might call it a small business website.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter what we call it. But which is essential when we say ‘brochure website’, to define what role it plays in the business. By doing this, we will know what can be expected from having it.

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What is it for? Who needs a brochure website?

Brochure websites are ideal for small and/or newly established businesses. Typically one-man-band companies when the business rests on your person(ality), e.g. coach, psychologist, therapist, etc. need a brochure website.

Small businesses with a lower number of services could also have it.

Most important attributes of a brochure website

  • Simple
  • Clear-cut
  • No complex user interaction
  • The number of services or products is max. 8-10.

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What should a brochure website contain at least?

It can have a one-page layout or can be a multiple page website. Either way, the following sections are necessary:

  • Who are you?
  • What are your services?
  • Contact page, Info about opening hours, venue(s)
  • Besides the content, having a few unique (!) images of good quality is a must.
  • Video

And while we’re on the subject, however simple a brochure website is, don’t forget to create Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Policy pages. Having a “Cookies warning” when visitors come to the page for the first time is also essential. It’s vital to show company details in full - not for legal reasons only, but if you’d like to have a Google Business Page, you can’t make it without showing company details on the website.

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What you can expect from a brochure website

  • Nice web design
  • Responsive technology
  • Being fast on each device (both on mobile and laptop)
  • Engaging imagery and content
  • Good conversion rate

What you can’t expect from a brochure website

It can’t be expected from a small brochure site to achieve a good Google position.

Of course, if your business offers a rare service or product where there are not too many competitors, you can achieve a good search engine position without making a huge effort, but mostly this is not the case. For successful SEO, many things are taken into consideration by Google. If you’d like to optimise your brochure website to achieve a better position in search engines, it’s worth reading about SEO.

Benefits of a brochure website

  • Low costs: You could have a simple brochure website for around £1500. We all know that there are brochure websites on the market available from £300. However, we strongly believe that with a responsible approach a good brochure website can’t be built under £1500.
  • Quick delivery time: In theory, a brochure website can be built quite quickly. If you need something really quickly, a brochure website is an ideal choice.

Drawbacks of a brochure website

Given that the name is just a very flexible definition of an average small website, there are no real drawbacks. However, because of its relatively small size, the chance of achieving a good position in search engines is quite low. For this reason, it’s advisable to have a strong social media presence, where your website works as a landing page. It’s also essential to have a proper Facebook and/or Linkedin profile. Run local campaigns targeting your area. By doing so, those interested in your business will land on your website.

Can a brochure website be developed further in the future?

If the website is built on the right foundations, a brochure website can be developed further, regardless of its original size. If the budget allows us to have a small brochure website only at the beginning, it’s still important to know what the future needs will be. A well-built brochure website can have any new functionality: e-commerce, CRM functions, automation, bespoke functions - anything that the business process needs.

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Is it worth building an additional brochure website if my business already has a website?

This is a tough question. It depends on many issues.

If there is a new product or service which doesn’t really fit the existing business profile, it’s definitely recommended to have a new website for the new ‘side shoot’ of the business.

We have seen many small businesses to add a new service or change their business profile. In this case, it’s strongly recommended to have a second website which can be a brochure website. If the new service doesn’t fit the old profile, it will harm the credibility of the business.

Contrariwise, if the only reason for having an additional (brochure) website is that the main website doesn’t do well, it’s better to investigate the reasons why the main website doesn’t convert as many clients as it should.

However moderate in size and number all of its elements a brochure website is, it should be appealing and well made.

Every good website is an iceberg: The majority of its knowledge and value is always below the surface.

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