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Brochure website

for a startup business

A brochure website is a bit different from a small business website.

What is a brochure website?

It’s like a detailed, appealing business card, online. It reinforces the image you convey about yourself and your services at a personal encounter.

What is it for?

Brochure websites are ideal for small businesses, typically one-man-band businesses when the business rests on your person(ality), eg coach, psychologist, therapist, etc.

What should a brochure website contain?

It can have a one-page layout or can be a multiple page website. Either way the following sections are necessary:

  • Who are you?
  • What are your service?
  • Contact page, information about opening hours, venue(s)
  • Besides the content, having a few unique (!) images of good quality is a must.

It’s important that your site is perfect for the eye and technically speaking as well, that is:

  • it is fast
  • however moderate in size and number all of its elements should be appealing, carefully and well made
  • Social media presence, your website being the landing page
  • Besides the above it’s also important to have a proper Facebook and/or Linkedin profile. This is the way you can advertise yourself: by running local campaigns targeting your area. And by doing so, those interested in your business will land on your website.
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It can’t be expected from a small brochure site to achieve a good Google position. First of all, bear in mind that your new page is competing with a billion of long existing other websites, secondly, however much content you try to write it still inevitably will be little compared to that of big companies with a wide range of services.

For a successful SEO many things are important.

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