Product photography for e-commerce websites

Product photography

for e-commerce websites

Product photography for e-commerce websites

We offer "e-commerce focused" product photography as an additional service for clients who choose us to produce their e-commerce websites.

Why choose our product photography service?

We are very aware of the power, benefit and effectiveness of quality photography. It enhances your business and product credibility, builds trust and dramatically improves your chances of a sale.

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product photography of a black and golden bracelet
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Why to choose us


Product photography for e-commerce websites is a specialised area.

While many photographers strive to make every photo artistically "perfect", e-commerce product photography requires a different approach.

It's not just about taking good photos: E-commerce images must fulfil all the technical requirements for a responsive website. Image proportion and composition are also slightly different from stand-alone product images.

Conversion goals

As web developers, we aim to achieve the highest possible conversion rate for your website. To achieve this, we need to have the right sort of high-quality website images, especially where large amounts of images are involved.

Quality images with the correct specification improve website efficiency, customer satisfaction and credibility.


Our customers find it much easier to let us manage the process. This saves them time and effort from discussing details such as style and composition with both photographers and web designer. As web designers managing your images- we don't need to consult the photographer about the correct image specifications. This process delivers a smoother and more painless result for everyone.

The main aim of product photography is to make the customer fall in love with what they see and provide as much information as possible about the product.

product photography of diamonds
product photography of jewellery
product photography of keepsake
product photography of pendant

Key factors that must be considered

Consistency of background

Make sure that all product images are taken against the same background.

On an e-commerce website, products are initially displayed in a list view. If the backgrounds are inconsistent, some products will look too prominent, and others will look insignificant. This lack of background consistency can look messy and convey a lack of organisation.

There are exceptions, such as fashion or jewellery photography. Most will still have some sense of consistency.

Consistency of composition and lighting

Products in the same category must be displayed in the same way and style. This is the only way to put the website visitor in a decision-making position. It is essential to show the products from the same or similar distance, angle and in the same lighting. If you fail to do so, you will commit the mistake mentioned earlier, and the website will look disorganised.

Importance of details

Remember: the purpose of product photos is to sell the product. Therefore, the following should be taken into account:

  • Know how your potential buyers are thinking and show the details that are important to them.
  • If a picture doesn't show the size of the product, put a reference object (e.g. a ruler) next to it.
  • Take macro pictures as well. It always has a powerful effect and, in most cases gives the impression of good quality.
  • Never forget that customers cannot hold the product in their hands. Therefore, do your best to give the experience of reality with your photos using several views where necessary.
  • Post-image work is important but, be careful not to overdo it. If you over-retouch the photo, you can raise excessive expectations in the customer. Likewise, overworked images can give an 'unreal' impression and turn the customer away. A disappointed customer is never good for your business. Find the right balance.

Image resolution and quality

Regarding image quality, there are a lot of misconceptions.

Most of our clients ask: "What is the ideal file size for my product images?"

Well, there is no accurate answer to this question.

First of all, it's not the file size but the resolution or size of image pixels that matter.

While the resolution does affect the size of the file and there is a connection between the two, there is no ideal file size. However, we always know what the 'ideal' size of the image is in pixels.

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product photography of cups
product photography of earrings
product photography of watch
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About the required technical skills;
"can I do this myself?"

The quality of imaging devices, especially mobile phones, has increased considerably, encouraging people to save on professional product photography.

You may think that all the above sound logical, make sense and that you can do it yourself. However, always make sure your products are consistent, well-lit and meet the correct image specification.

While smartphone images work well on mobile devices they are usually small file sizes which cannot be used for larger print requirements or display panels.

You also need to be aware of differing image file formats such as Apple’s .heic files which are incompatible outside of apples environment. This could create additional work and time in converting such files or even having to retake images.

If you are confident of taking your images make sure you follow the guidelines and know how to use your chosen camera or mobile device inside out.

Remember to consider long term image use and consistency, a quick fix now could cost you more time and money further down the line.

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