How to prepare the content for your future website?

A friendly guide to help you prepare your content

How to prepare the content for your website

Creating a website is a collaborative effort, and your input is invaluable.

Understanding the homepage:

Your homepage is the first impression visitors will have of your business. It acts like the front window of a virtual store, showcasing your brand to the world. It's essential that this page clearly reflects what your company stands for and what it offers.

When you create your wording for the homepage, please remember to effectively highlight your priorities.

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We need you to write the following:

  • Tagline or slogan: Think of this as your company's catchphrase or motto. What sentence or phrase best captures the essence of what makes your business unique?
  • Clarify your services or products: People love to know what type of website they are on.
  • Brief introduction: Just a few lines about who you are and what you do. Again, it's a good opportunity to tell why your business is unique. This isn’t the place for the whole story of your business—that’s what an 'About Us' page is for—but enough to intrigue and inform a new visitor.
  • Highlighted services or products: What are the key offerings you want a visitor to notice right away? Here, we list these, but save the detailed descriptions for the specific service or product pages.

Designing the homepage:

We need you to make us understand, what services or products you want to highlight. You set the priorities, we deliver the design, structure and solution based on your content. The homepage should entice and inform but not overwhelm. It’s like the window display in a shop; it’s there to draw people in, not to sell everything in one go.

Content coordination:

Ideally, we’d have the content for all of your pages before finalising the homepage. This allows us to understand the full scope of your site and ensures that the homepage perfectly aligns with the content of your subpages. During our consultation, we’ll discuss and decide together which elements are most important to showcase on the home page.

Please keep in mind that the actual design of the homepage is our expertise. While your insights and priorities are crucial in guiding us, we ask that you trust us with the creative and technical aspects of the design process.

home page mockup design cartoon

Things few people think about:

Consider the so-called 'microcopies'. These are small pieces of text that make your website friendly, such as 'Read more about this topic here' or 'Want a great tip? You can find it here.' A website needs these tiny, but crucial texts everywhere. Surprisingly, writing these is also your or your copywriter's task. The style of the text is just as much a part of your brand.

Friendly reminders for content submission:

  • All-in-One approach: To keep our project organised, please send all your text, images, and other materials in a single email whenever possible. Certainly, if it's too large for a simple email, we can help with that. You can also use one of the well-known file delivery services.
  • Keep it simple: You don’t need to worry about fancy formatting; just the basic structure to make your intentions clear is perfect. Let us handle the heavy lifting of web design.
  • Image guidance: Provide images in one batch, labelled clearly to show where they fit into the content. High-resolution, rights-cleared images only, please! If you’re unsure about any images, or if you think something special is needed, let us know. We’re more than happy to help select or create visuals that fit just right.

If you feel that writing isn't your strength

With many years of experience behind us, we understand how challenging it can be to think through and organise a website's content properly. If you find it difficult, don’t worry, the issue isn’t with you.

You're not alone; we're here to help. Sometimes, just one or two ideas may be enough to help you out of a rut. If you feel completely stuck, just let us know. Let's talk and brainstorm. If needed, we can assist with writing the text, even taking on the task of writing the entire website content.

Where our help is limited

Writing 'mandatory' pages like Terms and Conditions always poses extra difficulties. But if it's necessary to create such pages, unfortunately, that's your task. We can help to some extent, but since you know your business and it involves legal matters, the final wording is always your responsibility. The same applies to writing Privacy Policy or Data Protection pages.

Please remember, the mandatory pages are just as much a part of your website, so include them with the content of all your other pages.

Of course, we understand if you can't send everything at once. We are flexible and know that compiling the text for a professional website is a big challenge. However, please also understand our position. If we have to 'hunt down' the final content from many emails, it significantly increases the time we need to spend organising your content. In such cases, we always try to assist you as efficiently as possible. If the process drags on too much, it may incur additional costs. We will, of course, inform you immediately if this happens.

Remember, this is a team effort, and every piece of content you provide helps us build a website that truly represents your business. If you have any questions or need further clarification on anything, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to make this process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for preparing your content with care!