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Rebuilding a website

Why? When? How?

Why each website needs some kind of a rebuild from time to time

Even if the website is doing its job properly and to the satisfaction of the business owner, it’s still advisable to have a face-lift every 3 or 5 years. Trends change and website visitors are subconsciously affected by those changes.

Trendy designs used by big companies filter down to smaller ones and influence the world. Potential new customers would subconsciously give preference to website which look nice and modern. How your website looks is also important to your existing clients.

If you give the impression that you don’t keep up, they might ask themselves whether they are getting the best service and look elsewhere.

Colourful laptop with cogs in the background
Colourful laptop with cogs in the background

When the website is not doing its job properly anymore, a change is obviously necessary.

As your business grows, there can be a need to change the content, the structure, think about SEO in a different way, implement e-commerce, think of a solution to deal with the increased amount of administrative tasks, etc.

A good website serves the business well. In all respects. That’s what it is for. An expert beholds your website with a fresh pair of eyes and can easily say what’s outdated or needs to be modified to have a better result. As for the visual effect it’s sometimes enough to have some minor tweaks, spruce up the design a little bit, in other cases it’s necessary to rebuild the existing content with newer available technology.

Colourful laptop with cogs in the background

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