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Website for a small business

Affordable small business websites for a sucessful business

You can get a professional website on a budget.

A typical small business website consists of approximately 5-10 pages:

  • Homepage
  • Products/Services
  • About us
  • Image gallery and/or Testimonials
  • Contact page

We can help you effectively:

  • We listen to your needs and do what you wish for.
  • At the same time we ask many questions as well with the aim to find those elements in your business which can be highlighted.
  • We take care of protecting you from typical mistakes.
  • We don't use templates - you'll still get a bespoke design and system at a really affordable price. If you don't believe this, please take a look at our website price calculator.
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Good to know

However small and simple the website will be, technically it has to be perfect, fast and enabled for potential further development. The basics for SEO should be laid right at the beginning. It's advisable to launch a basic website first. Even if you have further visions, it's better to go live with a tiny but nice website rather than trying to achieve the 'final' version.

This is just because in an ideal world there's no such thing as a 'finished' website.

Think about the near future

However simple the content and volume, however modest your business at the beginning is, we think in a flexible and progressive way, laying the foundations of possible future options as well. The incorporation of the ‘buds’ of future functions won’t cost you extra money but will give you plenty of wiggle room when time comes and further development is needed (eg. functions like newsletter system, e-commerce, online payment have to be added). If developers don’t think about the possibilities of future options and do not incorporate the basics of possible expansions in the beginning, and later on there is a need for them, patchworking a new functionality to an already existing system lacking the proper foundations could be really expensive.

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