A fresh approach to website building

Our process of building a website isn’t how most people expect it to be. The 'traditional' approach is the following: Creating a nice design, writing the content, uploading it, adding extra functions if needed – and if it's possible. This will give clients a nice but mostly 'rigid' website that is not able to change with the business it was built for.

At Addmonte we analyse your business first, finding the core elements. We help to create your 'online personality'. By doing this we find out which parts of the business can be put online at a later time. This is how we make sure that your goals are met and avoid the confusion and frustration of creating a website that can’t grow with your business.

After this analysis a really basic but flexible website can be launched. It will be nice, of course, but the web design is not a standalone creature – it's in tight symbiosis with your main goals and planned achievements. We will then monitor your new website's performance and the behaviour and thinking of your targeted audience. This information will help us to see what should be done next.

This approach could seem complicated, but don't worry. Although your cooperation, time and energy will be needed, we make sure it will be really simple.

When we're working on a website, we do much more that our clients ask. We see the correlation between the content, design, search engine optimisation (SEO) and structure. All of our solutions are bespoke which allows us to build really flexible systems. We never ever lead you in a direction that can’t be developed to meet your future needs. We build websites that not only show your business, they also serve it in an intelligent way. While we're working on even the simplest websites we help you with extra advice and we put all our experience into helping your business.

We explain everything clearly through every step of each part of the process. We help you to understand why and how each step is needed, the thinking of your targeted clients, and what needs to be included from the beginning to build a firm and solid base for the future. We believe you need to know and understand how your business works in the online world to be able to make the right decisions. Your business will always get extra help from us. We pay the closest attention to your needs and we put our 15 years of experience into your business.

We think and work together with you, helping your business to grow.

Special offer for new businesses

If your company is less than six months old, we have a really special offer for you