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Website building using WordPress

There are a great variety of free content management systems (CMS) available, of which WordPress is one of the most popular. It powers 25 to 30% of websites worldwide. If you wish to have a website quickly and at a modest price, WordPress can be a good choice.

Advantages of WordPress:

  • the website can be built quite quickly
  • thousands of available ready-to-use templates
  • thousands of plugins (more than 40,000!)
  • relatively low costs to start.

Who should choose WordPress?

Owners of smaller businesses may consider opting for WordPress for its advantages in terms of quick results and reasonable price. Another positive feature is that it was originally designed as a blog engine, so its content management system is highly developed. If you intend to upload new content and blog posts on a regular basis, it can be an excellent choice.

What should you bear in mind?

Since it is an open source system, the core code of the software is visible and accessible to anyone. This brings potential security risks, so your website will need to be frequently updated and maintained, even shortly after it has been launched and on a regular basis. During development only high quality extensions from a reliable source should be used. In the majority of cases hacks are due to insecure plugins.

When is it not advisable to choose WordPress?

  • We definitely don't recommend it for online shops. Although it is possible to create an online shop in WordPress with a suitable plugin, the possibilities are very limited compared with other, especially bespoke, systems.
  • If you know that you will want to develop your website further, but at the moment you’re not quite sure about your future direction.
  • If you want your website to be more than ‘an online brochure’ and you also intend to develop background systems to help with the everyday tasks of your business - sometime in the near or far future - you should go for a bespoke solution.
  • In case of business critical websites when even the smallest downtime is intolerable.
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