Online website builders | What you should know about them?

Online website builders

Introduction to online website builders - What does 'online website builder' mean?

If you go for this solution, you only need to register yourself in the system of the provider, choose the template you like and create your own website by clicking the elements together. It goes without saying that you should know beforehand what you would like to write on your website, in how many units you would like to present your message and how many menu items you would like to have. If you are confident enough with your basic technical skills, you can try any of the systems available.

However, before you start it's really recommended to be aware of all the advantages and pitfalls of these systems. At first glance all you can see are beautiful templates. If you have some really good photos at hand, you can create quite a good website within a few hours. (Although, if you aim at a more sophisticated site, most probably you will need professional help with editing your photos to achieve their best form.)

In order to show you an overall picture of these systems, let's have a look at some technical details...

What's the difference between bespoke website building and online website builders?

If we take either bespoke website building or Wordpress (or any other CMS) - although they differ in many aspects - we'll see that they have one thing in common: their source code is visible, that is you 'posess' the 'program'. Any change needed is - in theory - accomplishable without limits.

As opposed to that, online website builders - as the name suggests - means that a program is running on the server of the provider. You can only 'make your movements' within the framework of the given software. Although these companies do their best in order to offer their clients the most flexible means possible, you will have to anticipate severe limitations.

For whom is it recommended?

If a startup business would like to have a nice website at the most affordable price ever, there is no better choice as far as costs are concerned. The result will be lovely indeed and the bill low.

For whom is it not recommended?

For those business owners who would like any unique solutions in the future (e.g. web shop system, user registration, functions which need a database, etc.) then definitely the development would have to be restarted from scratch.

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