Product photography for small business websites

Product photography for websites

The photos and graphic elements of your website - what we call 'design’ - will make a big impression on your visitors. Although product photos on a website are not strictly part of the ’design’, their style and quality contribute immensely to the overall appreciation of your website.

We provide professional product photography if there's a need. We are specialists in product photography for websites and web shops. If your products are small in size photo shoots can take place in our own studio, which is equipped for this purpose.

Quality or reality?

Don’t be taken aback when we honestly say that we are not aiming at that sort of perfection at all costs. Everybody knows that it’s possible - with certain techniques - to take a picture of any kind of product (of modest or even poor quality) that suggest high standards. Of course we could also achieve this.

In fact ‘how perfect’ the photo should be is a real dilemma. If a photo is of poor quality it goes without saying that the visitor will not buy the product. If the picture is ‘too good’, on the other hand, the product will be easier to sell but might lead to disappointment. In the reviews of big web shops you can often see reviews from customers who are dissatisfied because they did not get what they had expected, on the basis of the photos.

Summing up: Higher quality photos generate higher sales volume, but the overall style and composition should follow the company's brand and the photos should represent the real quality and product attributes. That is the main principle to be considered.

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