Web design facelift for pinynn.com for easy navigation and process

Facelift for pinynn.com

A few days ago, we finished pinynn.com's design facelift.

This job was quite different from a 'traditional' web design process: We had to pay extra attention to the technical details.
Pinynn is a new, UK-based social media platform, which is unique: On pinynn.com Topics and Posts play a significant role, whereas other social media sites are mostly about personal connections.

One of the most entertaining features of this website is that registered users can vote for the best posts so that your opinion defines the positions of the favourite posts on the website's highlighted areas.

Our aim with this facelift was to make it even easier for the website visitors to navigate, as well as keeping the website's speed at the highest possible level.

Do you want to make your voice heard? Don't hesitate to click on pinynn.com. It's fun.

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