Text to speech - How to get an affordable and flexible voiceover?

Text to speech


Text-to-speech is not a new technology, however, recently it's been getting better and better.

In the last few years videos have been extremely popular. They can be used effectively for marketing purposes, but are very useful for product or service introduction as well. They are also brilliant for educating customers.

However, there's a common problem: How to get a professional voiceover which is cheap and easy to get so the result could be delivered within a few hours?

No doubt, a professional voice artist can't be beaten, the good old human voice is much better than anything else.

But if you need something quickly and cheap, Amazon, Google, IBM both give free and still quite usable text-to-speech services. You can give it a try.

See this very short video. The voiceover is not the voice of a human:

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