How to minimise online issues and maximise opportunities

How to minimise online issues and maximise opportunities

To give a business the best chance of success, most need to invest in graphic design, web design, copywriting, SEO and online marketing.

In my experience, most business owners engage a graphic designer first, usually to create a logo and maybe a business card. Their second port of call is often a professional web designer. Together, you agree on the look of the website and work through the functionalities. Then, with the website ready to go live, and just the content outstanding, you might attempt to write the content yourself before seeking help from a professional copywriter.

When the website launches, often with relief and excitement, you turn your attention to something else, expecting your shiny new website to bring in the business. But in most cases, nothing happens. And it's at this point you realise you have a well-designed, well-written and easy-to-use website that no one is finding and so doesn't generate any business. Doubt creeps in, and you wonder whether the financial and time investment was worth it.

Not one to give up, you knock on the door of an SEO and/or online marketing expert who recommends rewriting, restructuring or modifying the site in some way –requiring even more time and money.

Sound familiar?

It's good to talk

Too often, experts work in isolation, getting on with what they're good at and leaving others to do the same. Some don't have even a basic understanding of related disciplines.

Yet each area of online marketing impacts and overlaps another. For example, design impacts SEO, copywriting and SEO go hand in hand, and website functions and solutions help drive marketing. And so the project is at risk without collaboration from the outset.

Top tip

If you have any issues with your online "anything", think of your online presence as a whole, not as separate functions. It's worth choosing at least two of your trusted experts and asking them to talk to each other. Tell them your problem and your goals, and let them work together to find a solution.

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