How COVID Made a Client Go Online and WIN

How COVID Made a Client Go Online and WIN

Our client runs ‘Chartered Accountancy’ courses and was our very first back in 2003. Way back then, they advertised their courses in local newspapers whilst renting two rooms in a small office block. They had only 40 students in the first year and we built them a simple, three-page website.

Now, in 2021; our client has over 48,000 students and is the country’s leading provider of Chartered Accountancy courses. a lot of this is thanks to COVID 19.

Before COVID 19; the client was classroom based with just a smattering of students online. So, when the pandemic hit, they knew that they had to move fast.

We built them an infrastructure that delivers online courses to 48,000 students via video training. All the students have individual accounts, and they are strictly monitored during their participation. (This is super-necessary to achieve the strict criteria set by the governing body.) We also split the students into teams (cohort’s) and let the system monitor which students are in each cohort.

The rules of the course are very strict, as each student has to attend at least 80% of the video lessons so as not to get a ‘fail’. So, we built in clever monitoring systems to make sure that this happened… We had to then deliver reports on each student back to their relevant teacher We achieve this strict monitoring by delivering random notifications to the student during the video lesson. Each with instructions and actions that the student has to undertake, to let the system know that the student is watching the video and paying attention. We then built in algorithms that would make sure the students were not unfairly penalised by the system. Plus, we added ‘browser monitoring’ in case of crash errors. Our goal was to deliver the individual training to each student, and to monitor their attention fairly, whilst reporting back to their teacher that this had been achieved.

We also had to create a complex permission system for all the teachers and admins to manage the website. The problem was; that each course has a different entry point depending on the student’s qualifications, and these then had to be matched to different price points. Once integrated; the system could then calculate prices based on each student’s input and offer the required amount of individual learning. During the sign-up process, each student is also required to upload their qualifications, which are sent to ‘qualification experts’ who verify the documents by manual checks and then input their findings back into the system. The system then automatically generates a contract, which is sent to the students. We are currently working on an accredited signature system to make this process easier.

The outcome of all this work has made this company the market leader, and the turnover in 2020 (the year of COVID) was a staggering 1.4 million pounds.

All thanks to a very brave decision by the business owners and the skill and hard work of the highly talented team here at Addmonte. A great result for an amazing client.

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