✅ Bespoke web development & design for a homecare business

New, bespoke website for Willowstone Care

This project had to be a very quick one.

The original website of Willowstone Care - a Nurse-led service, providing outstanding bespoke person-centred homecare - had been built in WordPress, which crashed due to hacking a few days ago. Certainly, a collapsed website is of no use for the business, hence something had to be done quite fast.

After scrutinising the tiny details, we found that hackers had broken into the system and placed malicious code almost a year ago, but their activity hasn't caused any noticeable problems until now; it remained all hidden. Since the oldest available backup was three months old and therefore not "healthy", it couldn't be used.

The owner had to make a swift decision: either have the code cleaned and the original WP restored (unfortunately, it would have been just a quick fix, because sooner or later it was inevitable to have the website re-built properly) OR choose a different solution by ditching the idea of a WP site and going for a different solution.

She chose the second one, opting for bespoke development.

We managed to create a new, reliable, bespoke website for her in a few days' time. The original colour scheme was kept, but it went through a redesign process. We have also created a new logo for the website.

Now the site is faster, more optimised. As an example, the previous website was built in a way that certain parts of the footer were created and managed separately for each and every sub-page - even if its content had to be the same throughout. As a result, when something like the address or phone number in the footer had to be modified, each and every sub-page had to be opened, re-edited and saved. Managing a system like this is rather time-consuming, not to mention the impact on speed. With the current website, processes are optimised and if anything should be modified in the footer, it needs to be done only once.

The URL structure of the new website is slightly different from the old one. The previous SEO expert had been doing intensive link building, and certainly, we had to do everything we could to avoid losing the fruit of his hard work. Using different SEO analysis tools, we mapped out the sources of inbound links pointing to Willowstone Care's website. We redirected them with adequate redirecting methods to the new URLs so that Google can find them.

You can check out the website here: willowstonecare.co.uk

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