Bespoke learning platform development for Beyond Theory

Bespoke learning platform development

The project we would like to give you some insight into this time is the creation of a bespoke learning platform, which we made for Beyond Theory.

Bespoke development is a fascinating area, and we really enjoy doing it. Unfortunately, however interesting it is to work on projects like this, they don’t lend themselves to be shown to a 'big audience'. The reason being that bespoke systems quite often don’t / can’t look spectacular at first glance.

Usually, when we are talking about any web project, people would like to know first how they look and how nice they are. Although user experience and the look and feel of the site (both from the frontend and the admin system) is always important for us, the real value here is not how the platform looks but how it works.

The real value of bespoke development lies in its structure, its usefulness, and the fact that it suits the business processes 100%. These values can be appreciated by the business owner who is working with the system on a daily basis. For website visitors who can’t see under the bonnet, these values remain hidden.

Why did Beyond Theory need a bespoke solution?

Beyond Theory is an independent training and development consultancy. They provide leadership & management and customer service excellence training and coaching across all business sectors. Courses are online and / or face-to-face.

Managing their courses involves quite a lot of administration work, which got overwhelming.

The two key objectives of having a learning portal built were:

  • To enrich the learning experience for their clients. This is to improve the quality of learning and increase customer loyalty.
  • To reduce and streamline internal processes. This is to improve profitability by reducing headcount and administration.

Certainly, there are many off-the-shelf solutions for course management available on the market that training companies can choose from. And some of them are rather sophisticated and complex.

Beyond Theory, however, has a unique approach; therefore, their needs and requirements are special.
Their face-to-face and online courses are combined with pre-course videos to watch, downloadable documents such as course workbooks. Learners don’t just have access to certain materials; they also actively have to upload files, video blogs and fill in their learning progress plans. They get feedback all along their learning journey, and they can give feedback as well. Automation in certain stages is welcome, but certain steps should remain manually controlled. All these functions should be combined with a tracking system.

Considering the details of all of these elements, we found that the only possible option is to build a bespoke system.
We know that there are systems available that provide similar functions, but the constellation which was needed couldn’t be purchased as a ready-made system.
Beyond Theory - quite understandably - didn’t want to compromise and alter their processes to fit available options. Neither did they want to use a system with several unnecessary functions, which is difficult to use.

We are proud of having Beyond Theory as a client and having given them exactly what they needed. The cooperation went smoothly, which made the whole process easier and enjoyable.

We wholeheartedly recommend Beyond Theory’s courses. They are a training company of great expertise providing exceptional service.

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