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E-commerce web design

Bespoke, easy-to-use e-commerce websites.

Our e-commerce solution is perfect for online businesses of any size.

It’s designed to offer a user-friendly and unique customer experience for your customers, as well as a professional back-end system for you to use. The combination of our custom web design and our e-commerce system will guarantee you a simple yet effective e-commerce website that is flexible and able to change along with your business.

By having our custom-built website and system behind it you will get a simple but outstandingly effective e-commerce website which is flexible and is able to change along with your business.

Why do our customers like using our e-commerce systems?

Great design

Your web design will be 100% bespoke, just as you like it. We don’t use website templates. Custom design is important. Good design, on its own, is not enough though. It should be adapted to your products or services, and your target customers. A good web design makes a good first impression and keeps your customers on your website. Then comes the whole ‘customer journey’ that ends with the last impression which, perhaps, is even more important than the first one. Design is what helps your customers to have a great user experience and a clear route around your site. Your target market must dictate what style to choose so that you generate more business.

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Bespoke functionalities

As with any other shopping experience, customers will enjoy your e-commerce site most when its functionalities are designed to suit its product range. It’s not enough for an e-commerce system just to be able to sell products. The whole process should be designed with care. Your customers should feel that behind a great design lies intuitive business technology. Don’t forget that your website back end system should work for you too. It should help you by providing an effective administration system. Our e-commerce system is able to fulfil any requirements, eg. generate statistics, track your orders, manage stock - to mention just a few. We can build in any functionalities on your need.

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Every business works differently. Business processes can be managed manually, but it’s time consuming. We help our clients to run their businesses more effectively by adding automated process management functions to e-commerce websites. Your system will be able to send automated emails, keep an eye on stock and send notifications. The possibilities are endless; whatever your business needs, we’ll provide it.

Marketing tool

Our system offers a much more sophisticated solution than just collecting customer emails and sending them to a marketing database. Our newsletter system is able to filter your customers based on any attribute – for example to send emails to customers who bought a certain product range, who spent between a certain price range or who live in a chosen area or town. Whatever your parameters are, we can build them into the system.

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