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If you’re using your website for business, the need to attract and retain readers’ attention and interest is critically important. Yet many business websites today seem to have forgotten those key points, and instead include lengthy, boring, inwardly-focused text that could have been lifted straight out of a 1980s “corporate brochure” or company Report and Accounts.

Human nature being what it is, unless you provide readers with very good reasons to continue reading / listening / watching, they will move on. Given the millions of websites out there today – including those of your competitors – it is essential that your website’s written and other content is based not necessarily on what you want to say, but on what a prospective customer will perceive is “in it for them.”

Achieving this is not difficult, however. It's merely a matter of removing yourself from the subjective orientation that comes naturally to all of us, and putting yourself into your customers’ shoes – seeing things from their point of view. It all comes down to the well-known “features versus benefits” issue. Remember, features are what something (your product or service) IS … benefits are what those do for you, the customer. It's the benefits that answer the customers' question, "what's in it for me?"

So, when writing words for your Addmonte website, put aside all the elements of your business that are subjective – even facts of which you are rightly very proud, but are not of interest to a prospect - and see your business as a prospective customer does. Then, write your text accordingly.

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