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Company video

How and why a company video will help to improve your sales

The most vital question: How to grab and hold your customer’s attention? It's a proven fact: The best marketing tool right now is video.

Many surveys have found that the average attention span when browsing online is just eight seconds. There’s a chance you will grab your visitor's attention in that time. Video works differently. An engaging video is able to keep your audience's attention from start to finish. It can also help shorten your sales cycle by delivering more quality information about your products or services.

Why do we prefer a video to a written description? It’s the same reason we prefer to go out for our Sunday roast in a pub rather than doing the shopping, preparing ingredients and cooking.

People love to get things fast and effectively, whether it’s food, a product, knowledge or information.

Let's see some statistics about videos

  • The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video.
  • Conversion rates for landing pages with video are six to eight times better than the same page without a video.

Whether your company is a 'one-man-band' or you have a few hundred employees, one of the following types of company video will meet your needs.

Four types of company video really worth thinking about.

Company introduction or brand video

As the name suggests, company videos introduce your business. These can have the widest range of different styles, depending on the size and nature of your business. In the case of a small business the most vital thing is the personality of the business owner. Because being trustworthy is a key factor for small companies, it's important not just to show yourself: Client testimonials are a crucial part of a company video as well. For larger companies it's useful to show the brand’s story and philosophy.

Three things to remember in making a successful company introduction video:

  • keep it personal - your personality is your brand
  • show your strengths, either as a new and small company or having spent decades in your business - both could have benefits that are worth emphasising
  • be brief; an ideal company video is no more than one or two minutes.

Expert or informative videos

Provide your audience with information while they are still researching their purchase.

Customers will research widely online before looking for an online shop or a service provider. By that stage they already know what they want. The more information you give to your potential customers about your product or service, the more chance you have that they will buy from you. The reason is quite simple: If you give more information, your 'level of expertise' will be judged more highly. You should be a reliable source of information, because your potential customers want to know as much as possible before they engage with you.

How-To videos

It's simple: How-to videos show how to use a product or service. Quite often a Users' Manual document is published in writing. Having a video about use of your product or service is not just a 'how-to' description, it shows your commitment and care for your customers, which can increase your sales potential.

The methods for this type of video can be varied. For a product presentation you can create drawings and animations, but shooting 'live' images can also work. When it comes to an online service, you can use screen capture software to show the process. Professional voiceover and a creative composition need to be added to achieve the maximum effect.

Promotional video

You might think that promotions are the most vital part of your sales activity. However, direct promotions are less effective when your customers recognise the 'direct selling' approach. It's fairly good when it comes to an important announcement, promoting an upcoming event or new product launch, but you can't use it as a direct 'sales tool' without having any special occasion or discount. Tickling your audience’s curiosity is always the best.

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