Saving time by using automation

We have a saying:” If a human does a job which can also be done by a computer, the computers will gather at night and will laugh their heads off at us… “

During conversations with clients, I’m often surprised that people don’t really know how many administrative tasks can be done by computers and they are still doing what they don’t really need to do.

It’s a common problem that people want to find pre-built solutions for many of their day-to-day administrative jobs, but they hardly ever find tailored software which they enjoy using. The reason for this is very simple: Pre-built software is developed for everyone - which means that they are tailored to ‘nobody’. As such, people will stick with what they’re used to and stay with the old, classic, “let’s do it manually” methods.

There are many jobs in business where you have to deal with tasks which can be accomplished by automation. In this case people have to work as persistently and effectively as robots or computers. I suppose this is a matter of personal choice.

The problem with this is that if you work like a computer - or you ask your employees to do so -, you (or your people) will think just like computers without using their problem solving skills.

As such, please keep in mind, that it’s always worth trying to find an automated solution.