Image manipulation - Colours vs. b&w

The life and soul of a website depends on images. These images

  • can be taken with a camera
  • bought from a stock photo library
  • or if we can't find the exact image we'd like, we can assemble an image using specialist computer software.

Nowadays, because such a large variety of digital images are readily available from stock photo libraries, a business owner in the process of building their website, may feel their 'perfect image' should be only a click away. However, despite the huge number of images for sale on the Internet, it can sometimes be very difficult to find the ideal image that perfectly matches your requirement - an image that fits the business brand, is reasonably priced, represents the business product or service and of course is not used by competitors. Be prepared to spend some time searching for images that best fit your needs and even then you may have to make subtle changes to make the image 'your own'.

See full size image 

I've created this image as a fun way of demonstrating how an existing plain looking image can be manipulated to make it much more interesting. As you can see, the original image is a black and white photo. My goal in creating the second image was to obtain a full colour photograph using only colour manipulation. Colouring is only a small part of image manipulation but it demonstrates well how an image can be brought to life using digital techniques.

The possibilities are nearly unlimited. However, before you ask your web designer to remove an unbeloved relative from a family photo, ask for his/her opinion.