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Viruses - why? What’s the point?

Back in the day, Virus-boy was pretty harmless - a lonely, but annoying, pre-adolescent, who would pass his days in a darkened room, making his own fun, creating viruses to wreak havoc on his friends' Commodore 64 computers...

Don’t get caught by The Evil Phisherman

Let's be clear - phishing emails are different from virus emails. The danger they present has nothing to do with infecting your hard-drive with a virus. 'Data phishing' happens when a fraudster builds a fake website, designed to look exactly like a well-known major corporation

Good to know about ransomware

First things first, let’s define what ransomware is. This modern cyber phenomenon is a kind of hackers’ attack in which they take control of a computer or a mobile device in order to demand payment. The attack is mostly targeted against larger businesses but sometimes it’s individuals who are affected.

How to choose your domain name?

We’ve researched what other professionals believe are the most important factors to consider when choosing a domain name. There are many websites with suggestions, such as ‘10 tips to find your perfect domain’. We’ve come to the conclusion that there are far more than 10 factors to consider when choosing a domain name.