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Advantages of a purpose-built website

  • Higher security level than Wordpress.
  • Faster website speed.
  • Easy-to-use system: Every function is custom-made, hence you will see the required buttons and functions only.
  • Lower maintenance costs (no need to spend on any professional plugin).
  • No need for security plugins. A custom system is not vulnerable because the source code of the website is hidden.

What you can and cannot edit in our bespoke website system

You can edit the following pages:

  • Home page Blog / News section
  • Blog pages
  • News pages
  • Simple content pages
  • Image gallery (if applicable)

In the case of ecommerce / event management / video / elearning systems:

You can always edit every detail which need to be changed regularly: All product / virtual product attributes, regardless of their nature.

In the case of complex systems (e.g. project management or CRM) the number of fields and options is unlimited, hence editing options are always specified on our proposal.

You can’t edit the following sections:

  • Structure of the Home page
  • Top slider
  • Top menu
  • Footer
  • Contact / login / registration forms
  • Visually complex content pages

The elements above (in the “can’t edit” section) make up the core essential basics of the system. In case of a business critical system it’s never recommended to give the client the possibility to modify these critical sections. If modifications are needed, we can and will make them. (For example adding new menu items, modifying Contact form fields, etc.) We are happy to create / upload / update these sections when needed (it’s faster and more cost effective). Costs of future updates: £15 per 15 minutes.

Additional technical details:

  • Our Client will own the website and will have full access to it.
  • Our system can operate on any professional web hosting server (technical requirements may apply). However, we strongly recommend choosing our web hosting service because our work is faster and as such, more cost effective in our own development environment.
  • Admin back end system is a bespoke system (using Laravel framework).
  • The system is developed by us (Addmonte).
  • The technical back-end system is under constant monitoring for security and reliability reasons as long as we give the web hosting for the website in the future.
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